Infographic: What Girls Say About STEM. Ages 14-17 Years Old

Infographic-What-Girls-Say-About-STEMAlthough my sisters and I are not high-school aged girls like those studied for this infographic (original source here), we agree with many of these views. For example:

  • We definitely have a HUGE adult support system in the STEM field, our parents and papa (grandfather) are engineers and a biologist by trade
  • We LOVE Learning–it doesn’t matter what subject. Just, we LOVE and prefer STEM.
  • We love volunteering, helping and doing social good projects to help the needy
  • Hee hee…we ALL want to go into Medicine/Health Care fields, both of our parents
  • We Ask Questions ALL Day Long! It goes with our love of learning.
  • We love problem solving, that’s why we’re all award-winning inventors.
  • We are very confident, yet humble, in our strengths, but we know we can learn so much more.

However, the differences we have with these stats are:

  • We’ve always been the minority where ever we go, whether it’s being girls, our young age, our race/ethnicity, or our religion, so we learned NOT to be uncomfortable with our unique makeup. Mom, Dad and Papa would never allow us too…and, we love them SO much for this!

However, we know we are blessed to have such influential role models guiding and supporting us every day and night. Through all our experiences, we know many girls (and boys) aren’t as fortunate… but, the cool thing is we’re not selfish…we’re always willing to share our parents and papa, their words of wisdom and their great tips and interest. If it wasn’t for them, we’d never have a blog in the first place.

What’s even cooler, is that our parents and papa know when they are not experts at something and they work day and night trying to find the best teachers, tutors, mentors, advisers, coaches, etc. So, if there’s something that interests you–we’d LOVE to connect you with someone. Just comment below.

If you’re a girl–or boy–what stats in this infographic do you agree with? Disagree with? Can’t wait to read!

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