Define STEMologist
1. An internet news blog and online community promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

2. An expert or someone studying how to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fun and practical for all; especially for kids, girls, women and minorities.

The Problem:

What comes to mind when you think of a STEMologist? In other words, what do you picture when you think of someone strong in or interested in STEM? Is he a nerdy scientist with an oversized lab coat and huge glasses instead of goggles? Or, a dude with lots of tattoos and body jewelry assisting someone at a Apple mega store? Or, a really comfortable All-American pop covered in oil working underneath a broken car? Don’t feel bad if you pictured a man or white man, because the vast majority of all STEM jobs in the U.S. today is still dominated by white men. Unfortunately,

  • 80% of all jobs in 2016 is projected to be STEM-related.
  • America lags far behind in these subjects with worldwide ranking of 25th in Math, and 17th in Science, and practically non-existent school curriculum for Engineering and Technology.
  • Kids, especially girls, dislike STEM because they don’t believe it’s for them, it’s too difficult and hard to understand, and/or STEM is not important to their daily lives.

The Solution:

We need to work together to make STEM a top priority for our country’s health and economy. Together, we must break the stereotypes and molds of yesterday’s STEM, and get kids of all colors interested in the future of STEM; and, the earlier, the better!

STEMologist’s Goal:

To Find STEM At The Root Of Everything! We believe that if kids witness and apply STEM in their daily lives, they too, can be a proud STEMologist.


The truth is, we’re a bit very biased. We’re a family of girls, femgineers, STEMinists, girlpreneurs, chic chicks, girly-but-not-too-girly STEMoholicss. With mega influence from our father (a biomedical engineer), we’ve always been taught that we’re highly-capable people who must never be limited by our gender, race, religion, creed, etc. We take great pride in being our father’s assistants whether it’s building cars, computers, software programs, or taking care of our home garden with much scientific precision. We just love getting dirty! A biologist and public health practitioner by trade, our mother always says she keeps her STEM skills fresh by teaching us its application to everything we do all day long. From cooking, cleaning, running our online businesses, to Archery and arts and crafts, we’re always searching for its STEM roots. Can you tell we’re homeschoolers? ;-)

We never saw being girls or a minority as an issue or problem, rather we’ve been taught to seize the opportunity! We’re actually encouraged when others say “That’s for boys!”, “You can’t do that. You’re a girl!” or, “You shouldn’t do that, dressed like that!” We absolutely love skirts and dresses, and think girls should never compromise their personality or style for the sake of “fitting in”. At STEMologist, we hope to motivate others, girls and boys, to think the same way!


Ponn Sabra is a best-selling author and homeschool mom of three girls. Entrepreneur since 1995, online solopreneur since 2004 aka #digitaldinosaur ;-)


JuJu Sabra (born 2000) is a thirteen year old aspiring neuroscientist. JuJu was an award winning inventor at eight years old, online business owner (blogger/designer) at ten years old, and bestselling kindle author and infoproduct developer at twelve years old. JuJu loves computer programming, blog and graphic designs, and everything tech-related. JuJu designs the family’s eighteen+ blogs, manages two membership sites, and tinkers with a dozen software programs to assure profitability. To overcome her perfectionist tendencies, JuJu is the resident comedian which allows her to retain her lead position of the trio.

GiGi Sabra (born 2001) is a twelve year old who wants to become a pediatrician dedicated to preventing childhood obesity. She believes that if all kids “Eat Healthy and Play Hard” (http://EatHealthyPlayHard.com) with their family, childhood obesity won’t be a problem. GiGi loves cooking (food sciences, nutritional sciences, and Math in cooking), and dancing and exercising (sport sciences) around a lot! Also an award-winning inventor, GiGi was a professional blogger and vlogger since nine years old, and bestselling author at eleven years old. Like most foodie bloggers, GiGi has a growing infinity for smartphonography.

JoJo Sabra (born 2003) is a ten year old, self-proclaimed Green Gardening Garbage Girl. Obsessed with frugal living (math in money) and living a sustainable life (nature sciences, garden science, biological and environmental sciences), she always has cash and recyclable materials to keep her busy all day long. Blogging since seven years old,  Jojo is also an award-winning inventor, and bestselling kid books at nine years old. JoJo enjoys Pinterest, online research, Science projects, and literally admiring her garbage collection.