3M Young Scientist challenge 2013 – Winner gets $25,000!

3M_Young_Scientist_ChallenSo I guess you want the link to sing up, right? Well there is a lot of work you have to do, because to get the money you have to become “The Top Young Scientist”! There is a lot of work and you have to follow the rules. I’m sure you also  have many questions so here’s a link, just to let you know that you aren’t going to be writing an essay for this contest you will enter a video.

In this contest you are going to be in the video yourself so you won’t be having any partners. There is a “Video Check List” o make sure everything your doing is right. As I said you could win $25,00 IF you are the 1st place winner. There are other prizes for the others, read more here.

If you ever need help because you don’t know what to talk about then you could see what the top 5 kids talked about on there subject, you could also see there videos! If you want more videos then here is the “2011 Video Gallery”.

If you enter this contest, and you don’t win there is always next year I mean they have been doing this since 2008! If you are going to enter please comment why below. If are going to enter here is where and how you could enter.


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